Top 4 perfume collections which you can buy online online


Frédéric Malle showcases artisan fragrances with the Editions de Parfums collection. A collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned noses, the fragrance collection features cult favourites such as Portrait of a Lady and Carnal Flower. Discover the best Frédéric Malle perfume samples here


By Kilian is a luxury perfume brand from Paris that is owned by Kilian Hennessy. By Kilian was launched in the year 2007 for producing perfumes and luxury goods. This brand promotes ecology and sustainability, and hence, uses refillable, reusable packaging. This brand has many fragrances in their collection that come with royal and luxury packaging. Find out your KILIAN Perfume Samples


Founded by Clara and John Molloy, Memo Paris is a fragrance house that was launched in 2007. The brand Memo Paris is a collection of travel memories from various parts of the world. In association with perfumer Alienor Massenet, Memo Paris produced three fragrances along with bath products, home scents and perfume services. FragranceNet features a few fragrances from this brand that work well for both men and women. Some of the popular scents are African Leather, French Leather, Paris Kedu, Luxor Oud, Russian Leather and more. Fragrances exclusively for women are Eau De Memo and Paris Granada. Memo Paris fragrances were created in collaboration with perfumers Alienor Massenet and Sophie Labbe. Discover more MEMO Perfume samples


Nishane is built upon the image of Istanbul, a vibrant city of cosmopolitan structure and it tries to represent Istanbul and Turkey in very modern way. It is actually much more in the idea than the perfume itself.
Mister Mert Güzel and Mister Murat Katran are the founder of this beautiful perfume brand, both as passionate lovers of mysterious scents and the rich heritage of the city they were born and raised, had always wanted to create a brand to show the world the magnificence of the niche scents designed under the inspiration of the amazing city of Istanbul. Mister Mert was born in the city and he graduated sociology after which he immediately started to deal with business creating coffee table books for a chain of luxurious hotels. In stark contrast, Mister Murat was dealing with acting and trade so they actually combined their passions and formed Nishane to express their own vision of world of scents. They have created already one line of perfumes called Cologne Parfumée which is not Eau de Cologne, but Eau de Parfum concentration. The line was accompanied by scented candles of which I am personally very big fan. Finally, it took them two years to accomplish the goal of creating a niche line of Nishane Istanbul Perfume Samples composed by natural raw ingredients.